What is abbeygibb.tv?


the vision is simple:

create beautiful content

collaborate with exceptional people

educate in order to empower

inspire you to do the same for others

From food, to spirit, from style to body, this is a whole-being approach to life. Abbeygibb.tv won’t tell you what to do, but teach you how to rock it out for yourself. I believe you are your own life expert, but we’ve lost touch with being confident in our ability to deeply listen to that which gives us strength and stability.

We have three trademark shows…

Our newest, Bossify, is a female empowerment interview show with leaders from around the world. Together, through the same five questions, we investigate the very definition of success itself.

There’s Spacious Spirit, a weekly meditation guide and spiritual poetry written by acclaimed spiritual teacher Madelon Wheeler-Gibb.

And who could forget how it all started? Tired Girl! Healthy life hacks for the girl on the go. We bring you super easy but healthy recipes for your busy day, simple but empowering educational videos that explain why your body works the way it does, and a beauty guide so you can feel your most confident self.


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Groundbreaking interview series investigating the definition of success featuring female leaders.

Spacious Spirit

spacious spirit by abbey gibb

A weekly guide to connecting with your spirit through the inspirational poet, author and teacher Madelon Wheeler-Gibb.

Tired Girl

tired girl by abbey gibb tv

Healthy hacks for the girl on the go from recipes to health talks.

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