I call myself a “high heeled tree hugger.” I try to deeply calibrate my life to the ebb and flow, the beauty and grace of this Universe. The way I eat, interact and exercise is all to maintain that balance. That said, I also love finding the best organic spray tans, that perfect stiletto and how to make a healthy lunch in less than five minutes.

I’m an Emmy-winning TV journalist who over the past decade has traveled the country covering some of America’s biggest stories. I’ve helped to change laws, documented major political movements, and tried fruitlessly to stay warm during massive snowstorms.

Then I got sick. Like debilitating sick.

It took me five agonizing years to be diagnosed with Lyme disease plus a host of other co-infections. At just 27, living in a beautiful high rise apartment with my career skyrocketing, I could barely get out of bed.


I thought I had early onset dementia, arthritis, and everything I ate made me sick.

Once while still in treatment, I flew to DC for work. I had to carry all my specially made food, tinctures and herbs in a separate suitcase. I lived like this for years. It was by no means easy, but I was healing.

Through traditional Western doctors, naturopathic doctors, herbs, a specific anti-inflammatory diet, a deep spiritual practice and my family, I slowly regained my health. As someone who had lived off cheese pizza for most of my life,I was fascinated by how my body could heal itself.


Now I’m developing my own network to create. collaborate. educate. inspire.

This network offers you a whole-being approach to life. It’s not just about food. Not just about fashion. Not just about any one thing. Nothing is mutually exclusive.

I believe the most inspirational people are those who find blessings in what looks like defeat or great challenges. They become more resilient, self-aware, and capable of serving others. I’ve always had a vision for my life, a need to serve, empower and help.

This is my vision for you as well.

With gratitude,