spacious spirit # 1


Often in daily life, we assume that it is whatever we can add to our life that will make it rich, fulfilled, and full of beauty.

Yet we actually have the capacity to unfurl our own hearts, our own being into an indigenous beauty and joy that makes our very existence itself the place of richness and fulfillment.

This place where being is an art is within all of creation and is revealed in spiritual practice.

May this place unfurl within you in some way today, right in the middle of your own existence.


Madelon Wheeler-Gibb is a spiritual teacher, author, poet, singer and artist. She has spoken to tens of thousands from Sydney, Australia to Taipei, Taiwan. Madelon runs an intense weekly spiritual study group based on non-dualistic teachings in Los Angeles as well as a retreat center in Ojai, CA.  She also happens to be my mom and best friend.