3 different 30 calorie or less "pasta" + sauces

TIRED GIRL RECIPES: Low cal/ no carb pasta

Pasta options:

  1. Zoodles: i.e. zucchini noodles
  2. Yam noodles
  3. Kelp noodles

Sauce options:

  1. organic marinara
  2. vegan curry
  3. low cal peanut sauce: powdered peanut butter + coconut aminos
  4. coconut amino teriyaki sauce

** Add a spiralizer to your shopping cart too


Why I love kelp noodles….

namely because they’re rich in calcium, iron and vitamin K. Kelp noodles are also high in iodine which plays a vital role in metabolism and thyroid function.

 Why I love yam noodles….

they’re about 97% water with no digestible carbs and many clients have found they give constipation relief and improved bowel movements.

Why I love zucchini noodles….

an easy way to increase your fiber. Plus…a cup of chopped zucchini contains 1/3rd of your daily need for vitamin C and also contains manganese. Both help your body produce collagen and protect your tissues from harmful free radicals and more wrinkles.

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