Abbey Gibb TV Launch Party

I’m tearing up just writing this. I’m still emotionally processing what just happened at this launch party. So many of my closest friends and family around to celebrate a created shared vision we all are building together.

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It’s been almost five months to the day since we first started talking about what Abbey Gibb TV would even look like. Four months since we shot our first episode of Tired Girl and two months since Bossify.

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Let me paint the scene…

My incredible mentor and sponsor of Bossify, Janet Lawless Christ, gave us her gorgeous home in Rancho Santa Fe for the night. The theme? Oscars meets Coachella. What does that mean? Yeah, I don’t really know either but it sounded cool. High end boho I guess.

Here’s what I wore…

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It was a night for the ages. Not to mention it was also my birthday and my Chief Photographer Jason’s birthday the following week. I called in every friend to help. It was an all hands on deck situation.


I stood in front of my friends and family and declared my heart to the Universe. I said I promise to let my hands be of service. To spend this precious live living out my personal motto:

CREATE beautiful content
COLLABORATE with exceptional people
EDUCATE in order to empower
INSPIRE you to do the same. 

There are so many people to thank. First and foremost, my parents. The greatest part of the night was seeing everyone get to meet the two most fantastic people I know. (we somehow never took a picture together…ahhh!)

To , Janet Lawless Christ for her sponsorship of Bossify, her love, friendship and mentorship. 

To Marisa Vallbona for being a firecracker of joy and rock bed of strength.

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To Jason (IG and Phoebe (IG @producerphoebe) for being the best team a friend could ask for. I love you to the moon and back and am honored to share this journey with you.


To Deena (IG @deenabetcher) thank you to the crows and the egg whites you've become my work wife.


Did you SEE this incredible spread and the amazing boho décor?! The whole thing was done by the talented team over at Al Fresko Designs (IG @alfresko_events). These two women who I’m so honored to call friends, came up with the whole vision and just KILLED. They do everything from small picnics and girl getaways to big events like this and I can tell you, they are truly unicorns. 


Then the actually produce was delish! You always have to support your local farmers and there’s no one better than Stehly Farms. Their entire family has become dear friends and they were the first to support Tired Girl when we started shooting. 


Whew! We’re not done! The night would not have been complete without Coconut Beach for their amazing coconut waters and snacks, and Clearly Kombucha for the awesome hibiscus cocktails and to keep the pink theme going…Naturally Healthy Desserts for the perfect sweet ending. Her raw vegan birthday cake was my favorite thing I had all weekend.


Thank you for making this the most incredible night of my life and the start to a new movement.


I love love love you all.

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