Best Protein Pancakes

Yes you can eat pancakes on the daily and lose weight. I know, right?! Insert hand emojis. These are also super easy and I included a tribe discount for y’all. Enjoy!

·      1 scoop Protein powder
       follow the link and use code “ABBEY” for 15% off your order!

·      same size scoop of coconut flour

·      ¼ cup nut milk

·      dash of cinnamon

·      packet of stevia if needed

·      wisk and see consistency, then add liquid egg whites to get that “batter” thickness. There’s no real science to it …if it’s too thick…add more milk. Too thin? More powder

·      add in blueberries, pomegranates and/or chia seeds for more antioxidants and fiber

·      place 1 tsp coconut oil on skillet and flip it…flip it good

TIP: Coconut oil is one of those “healthy fats” that actually speeds up metabolism. Don’t go crazy but you can have another 1T on top the pancakes. #numnum