Best store bought snacks and protein bars

You’ve made snacks and forgotten them at home or you’re on the go and just need a pick me up.

Have no fear!

These are my favorite go to snacks! You can get them at almost any health food store or I’ve provided the links below

I also have some delish snack options you can make at home to always have in your purse or in your drawer at work.

Tired Girl tip:

200 calories or less

10g+ non dairy protein (say no way to whey!)

at least 3g fiber

low sugar (less than 10g if possible)

low carb (less than 30g)


1. Enlightened Broad Beans

7g protein, 5g fiber

fiber helps to keep the hunger hormone ghrelin at bay longer

2. Epic bars

    100 calories, 15g protein

3. Cruncha ma-me (freeze dried edemame)

    90 calories 

    as much protein as an egg, as much fiber an apple

4. Health Warrior Chia Bars

    100 cal, 1000mg of Omega3

5. NuGo Dark protein bar

    200 cal and it tastes like a candy bar (Yaaaassss)

6. Love Beets