Best way to keep that blowout for days

#TiredGirl tips for a great blowout.

It’s tough rocking great hair every day! But… I have hacked how to make a blowout last FOUR DAYS and still do cardio every single day. Hint: dry shampoo!

I went to go check out the new Dry Bar location that just opened in La Jolla. If you don’t have one near you, they sell their products online. I’m ub-sessed with their dry shampoo. It literally gives me all the feels.

 My stylist gave me some AMAZING tips that I wanted to share.

1.     While your hair is still wet, spray dry shampoo at the roots –it adds a TON of volume

2.     Blow dry the top layer of your hair first and set with rollers until cool –keeps hair smooth and full of volume

3.     When curling your hair, hold the curl in your hand until it cools, then let it down –keeps curl longer

4.     Spray all hair and then break up with hair brush and hands to get that “tousled” look

5.     After a sweaty workout, spray with sea salt spray first to absorb the sweat and oil…then use the dry shampoo


That’s it lovelies!

Let me know if it’s working for you.


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