Hangover Cure

You may be reading this with one eye open and a bottle of water next to you. I know, I know, you thought tequila was your friend. It’s ok, this is a judge free zone.


This hangover cure helps a lot more if you take it the night before, but it still works the morning after. It’s ok, we’ll get through this together


**always consult your doctor before starting a new regime, especially activated charcoal as it can alter the affects of certain medications


Hangover cure

Take 4 activated charcoal capsules or ½ a teaspoon if you have powder form

…with this elixir of hangover cure goodness from the gods…

juice of one lemon or 1T of store bought organic lemon juice

1 tsp Apple cider vinegar

1 tsp Chlorophyll (or 2 chlorophyll pills)

Bonus round… one packet of milk thistle tea 


Why it works (at least for me)

Think about making this *before you go out for the night so it’s ready to chug when you get home…

Activated charcoal contains small chambers that bind to and absorb toxins speeding up that detoxing process

Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar help to balance the pH of your body 

Anything with chlorophyll in it can help detoxify your system and boost your liver function by more than 90%, according to research out of Japan.

I just got back from a trip to NYC and I may or may not have put this to the test. Let me know if it works for you below in the comments and remember...it's a judge free zone!