How To Do Oscar Worthy Hair & Makeup by Yourself

abbey gibb oscars san diego part 2017

Holy moly! Talk about an amazing night. I still can't believe it all happened. The San Diego Film Festival asked me to emcee their big fundraiser for the year, an amazing gala on Oscar night. It was at this mega mansion in La Jolla with the works... red carpet, champagne, famous chefs, fabulous people.



I took my dear friend and ride or die Deena Betcher as my date and she came in clutch (like all good friends should do). I wore this to die for gown by Halston Heritage spring collection. The staff over at Fashion Valley made me like a star.



because I do so much of my own hair and makeup already for TV, I thought I would just wing it.

My inspiration came from this pic of Jessica Alba. I literally just googled "boho bridal updo."


The key as you can see is to A) have dirty hair (it helps to hold the curl better) B) curl your hair into very tight curls, spray the heck out of it, and then brush it out.

From here you can see I backcombed the top of my hair and then twisted the top pieces back and forth, securing them with bobby pins. I went for a "messy" style so you can't really do it wrong. After that, I just took small pieces of hair (about 6 total) and twisted them up into a small loose ball. Again, securing everything with bobby pins. I just sort of played with it, and pulled at it until it looked not too perfect but polished. There's no real science. You can TOTALLY do this.


For makeup, there's just a few quick tricks:

1. Always start with a primer. That helps your makeup "stick." There are a ton of great drugstore options.

2. For foundation I use the Physicians Formula BB Cream in light/medium. It goes on great without a heavy look.

3. A small amount of #TiredGirl contouring goes a long way to make your face pop. I use the e.l.f. highlighter stick in light. Put the white around your cheekbones, nose, and chin. 

4. Apply two shades of blush. A dark brown right below your cheekbones to define and then a soft pink over to warm.

5. ALWAYS finish with a light dusting of matte finishing powder. THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL SECRET to going 12 hours with no shine. Straight up. And I've tried the expensive stuff...mine is $12...

NYX matte finishing powder in medium/dark (because I had a spray tan)

5. Can you tell how much of a difference defining your eyebrows make? Makeup artists call it "framing the masterpiece." I don't leave home without doing them. Always go lighter in color than you think you need and thicker in shape than you're used to for a start.

6. Finally...lashes!!! I love my drugstore brand Ardell in 'Demi Wispies' or 'Double Up'.

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