how to slim down in just one day

My no joke debloat tricks of the trade

Not feeling your best? These are my personal go to remedies…

1.  Morning: Warm water and lemon in the morning

  • speeds up metabolism
  • TG Trick: get organic lemon juice so you’re not squeezing lemons on your way to work (because who has time for that?)

2. Night: Organic Roasted Dandelion Root

3.  Throughout the day: Peppermint tea or enteric coated peppermint gels

4.  Morning/ Night: Probiotics

5.  Dinner: Asparagus

  • encourages digestive health by stimulating the growth of good bacteria in your body
  • eat a dinner that’s heavy on the veggies but not raw, that could make gas worse
  • add a lean protein like chicken or fish for further debloating properties

7.  Avoid dairy: go for coconut milk

  • many people are missing enough lactase, the enzyme to digest dairy and that’s making them bloat up
  • when picking a non-dairy yogurt go for one that’s unsweetened
  • refined sugars make bloating worse

8.  After meal: Betaine HCL

  • most people, believe it or not, don’t have enough stomach acid ( stress also eliminates your stomach acid storage) ….so many times much of their food goes undigested (gross) leading to bloating
  • just a suggestion, always consult your doctor first, especially if on medications, pregnant or nursing: start with one capsule and work your way up until there’s a small burning sensation, then go back down by one dose
  • not recommend for use if peptic ulcer, gastritis or heartburn is present.
  • I like Now Foods Betaine HCl, I love Pure Encapsulations

9.  Before meal: Digestive Enzymes

**Note: always consult your healthcare professional prior to use, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs**

(If you have one in town, try to support your local health food store first before going online. I got my supplements at Stehly Farms Market. They’re an amazing family here in San Diego! Buy local when you can)

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