Weight Loss Tricks Without Exercise

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For the next few weeks I'm teaming up with FitLifeTV bringing you Tired Girl recipes and talks from their kitchen. This week we're chatting about some tremendously effective weight loss tips that don't require exercise.

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Today, my friend and fellow health and wellness extraordinaire, Abbey Gibb – holistic nutritionist and founder of the lifestyle network, AbbeyGibb.tv – has some information to teach us about how to lose weight naturally! Give her a big warm welcome!

Eat These Foods To Lose Weight Naturally!

In this Saturday Strategy we are going to discuss the best foods to help you burn fat, lose weight and keep it off long term.  

I eat all of these foods myself, sometimes on a daily basis! “They have helped me over the years to maintain a lean physique and recover from my bean-and-cheese burrito binging days.” – Abbey Gibb

We love these food choices for multiple reasons and you should too! Here’s why:

#1. They keep you fuller longer. This is key if you want to slash daily calories and keep unwanted pounds off. You’ve got to eat foods that actually fill you up and keep you full for several hours to prevent those crazy binges and cravings from lurking up on you each day. We’ve all been there… you don’t have to stay there though. 

#2. They speed up metabolism. You want to burn more fat and more calories than you use if you want to shed weight and tone up your physique. These foods help your body do that naturally. Keep in mind, it’s not all about that though. Even the WRONG foods, in moderation or not, if eaten regularly can sabotage your goals! No thank you. 

If you are on a weight-loss journey, the 3 big components you should be looking for in recipes and the foods you eat are:


My favorite foods are based in these categories and there is a BIG reason for that… 

Fiber-Filled Foods (say that 3 times fast!) 


My favorite fiber-rich foods are kale and broccoli. Kale has more calcium than milk and more iron than beef! Broccoli has lots of folate, an important mineral for cell regeneration and development. As we are trying to keep our system flushed and toxin-free, our cells have to regenerate quickly and efficiently. Broccoli helps to support that process. 

Kale and broccoli are also effective immune-system boosters, which is a big reason why I included them in the delicious smoothie recipe below! For those of you who have a hard time getting down those greens, this smoothie is for you. 

Healthy Fat-Filled Foods


Coconut oil is by far my favorite source of healthy fats. It contains what are known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). Coconut oil is easy to cook with or throw into smoothies, which is what we do in our recipe below. 

Here’s a little background on coconut oil MCTs and why you should use it for fat loss: 

Back in the day, farmers had all these cows that they needed to “beef up” before they sent them to be slaughtered for meat. They fed them a bunch of coconut oil, thinking it would fatten them up, only to have their cows get skinnier! That’s right, contrary to popular belief, some fats like MCTs actually help you to LOSE weight instead of gain weight!

My other favorite healthy fat source is avocados. Avocados are full of healthy, brain boosting fats! It is important to fill your diet with healthy, natural fats in order to properly burn off all the bad fats (like trans fat). I recommend using ½ an avocado every single day. You can easily eat this with a spoon and some sea salt, or just throw it into your smoothie with everything else! 

Avocados also make a delicious topping to your morning toast or your lunch salad. You can split your avocado into portions and use them throughout the day however you like! 

Protein-Filled Foods


Eggs are an excellent and easy-to-utilize protein source. You can keep them hardboiled in your fridge to grab on the go or eat them for breakfast in the morning. It is good to eat them alongside fruit for some extra fiber. Also, protein paired with sugar helps to balance blood-sugar levels so you don’t get that spike from sugar alone. 

Another easy way to get your daily dose of protein is through a high-quality, organic protein powder like Organifi Complete Protein. We formulated this delicious protein shake with the best plant-based protein sources on the planet: hemppea and quinoa protein. Not only that, but we filled it with a plethora of whole-food vitamins so that it can double as a meal-replacement shake when you are trying to cut calories. Try yours here

Fiber, fat and protein! The magic way to naturally lose weight, boost metabolism and curb appetite! 

A Little Bit Of Sweet


My favorite way to add sweetness to my day is to eat blueberries! They work great either fresh or frozen. Blueberries have this cool component called anthocyanins, which are what give blueberries their blueness. Anthocyanins help to combat stress in the body, which can be a culprit to keeping those stubborn pounds hanging around your middle. Helllloooo, magical fruit! Yes please – sign me up!

Complex Carbs


Complex carbs like gluten-free oatmeal take longer to go through your body. Why is this a good thing? Because the longer they take to digest, the longer you will feel full! Throw some blueberries on your oatmeal and maybe a little raw honey and you’ve got a great breakfast or snack to help push you through the day without an attack of the munchies. 

I actually love to add my Organifi Complete Protein in my oatmeal for an added dose of nutrients, especially if I know I have a long and busy day ahead (I bet you can relate, right?). 

Bonus Tip For Extra Fat Loss: Drink Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

Adding freshly squeezed lemon to a cup of warm water every morning is a great way to alkalize your system and reset your metabolism. Lemon also helps you to fight sugar cravings.